Camelot Escape Rooms, a Norwegian-based company specialising in educational escape rooms, were looking to expand their portfolio to incorporate digital games. After delivering a successful proof of concept, we worked with Camelot to co-create three web-based educational games based on the ‘escape room’ model. Our team was responsible for the 3D designs and models, and the technical development, as well as reviewing and supporting refinement of the game concepts and designs created by Camelot.


Strandet pa Camp Utsikten

Is a game aimed primarily at school teachers with a focus on helping them learn how to create a constructive and safe learning space. The game setting is a class trip to a remote location; it’s almost time to leave that remote location, but the bus keys have gone missing! In the game, teachers must solve various puzzles to locate the keys.


Designed for school children, the emphasis of this game is team building and creating a better classroom environment. The game is set in a castle where a class of children, who have been touring the building, have inadvertently been locked in its dungeon and now have to work together to solve a series of puzzles, in order to find their way out.


Is a game to be played by Kindergarten teachers and is designed to instruct them on how best to handle or avoid bullying in a Kindergarten environment. The game is set in a classroom where the participants must solve puzzles and riddles to find a key so they can open the kindergarten’s gates.

Here our aim was to create a visually stunning and cohesive site which showcased the client’s personality as much as the content.

The brief for this project was to design a personal website with a classic look and feel which was simple and pleasing to navigate. 

Rainedge, a Kenyan-based charity, works to support the local community through schools, Kindergartens, sponsorship and food programmes. They wanted a site that provides in-depth information about their outreaches, in particular their sponsorship programme.

The vision was for a site with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that allowed the blog posts to take centre stage.

We were approached by Paravel who wanted a clean and concise one or two-page customer-facing company website, which lets potential clients know what they do whilst providing a way of contacting them.